Paul and Monte Carlo Have History, Reports Law Enforcement

BARNSTABLE – As reported earlier, 29 year-old Barnstable resident, Peter Paul was arrested for Vehicular Indecency, after being caught in the act of sexually assaulting a 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. It has since been determined that Mr. Paul and the car have a history together. Paul apparently purchased the vehicle in 2004 and lost it to repossession in mid 2006 after missing several months of payments. The car’s present owner, Tommy Rindle, purchased the Chevy in early in 2007 and Mr. Paul tracked it to their home. Mr. Paul, a roofer, will not be charged with Statutory Vehicular Indecency as the car was purchased by him in 2004, technically making it of consenting age. Mr. Paul faces up to three years in prison. Meanwhile, Mr. Rindle is seeking a restraining order against Mr. Paul.