"Here On Earth" Two Hours Of My Life That I Want Back

Okay, so I'm leafing through the $3.99 rack at Stop & Shop and fall upon this movie. Now I know Chris Klein from the "American Pie" movies and saw Leelee Sobieski in "Never Been Kissed" and Josh Hartnett has done a few good flicks, so I figured it would be an okay movie. MAN was I wrong, this movie sucked beyond description. Imagine taking every tragic romance cliche and plot line and smush them together with the lyrics of "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey and you have this movie.

In this drivel, Klein is a senior at an exclusive boy's school who gets into a drag race with Hartnett, a towny and the boyfriend of Sobieski and they end up crashing and burning down a diner owned by Sobieski's family. Hartnett and Klein are sentenced to helping rebuil the local landmark diner.

Klein and Sobieski end up falling in love and the crap just keeps flowing from there. Michael Seitzman (writer) and Mark Piznarski (director) should be publicly beaten and forced to do community service for making this movie. As for Hartnett, Sobieski and Klein, I realize that it's tough for actors and people need to work. Maybe they should have done something with more dignity and integrity like beastiality porn.

I can't say it enough, this movie sucked!!!