Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Man Held Without Bond For Shooting Teen Having Sex With His Daughter (With My Commentary)

Man Held Without Bond For Shooting Teen Having Sex With His Daughter

(Gee, I guess Nobody got off in this one, huh?)

Wade Edwards is being held without bond after allegedly shooting an 18-year-old man he found having sex with his stepdaughter.
Apopka, Florida police say Edwards came to his home and found the teenager in bed with his 16-year-old stepdaughter. (Wait, they just said that he found them having sex, now they say he found them laying in bed together... talk about assumptions. Just because a naked 18 year-old is laying next to your naked 16 year-old daughter, it doesn't absolutely mean that they were having sex...hmmmm) Police say he then left the room, got a gun, and shot 18-year-old Julian Harp 4 times.

Harper was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive while Edwards is charged with attempted murder.
Investigators said it was one of the most severe crimes of passion that they've worked. (Hold up: You shoot a man at point-blank range 4 times and he's still alive??? THAT's the reason this guy belongs in jail!!)
"In 13 years, I've never heard anything like this happening in this area," one investigator said. (That makes sense, the girl would have only been three and the boy would have been 5... shooting a five year-old for being in bed naked with a three year-old is just plain nuts.)

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