That Word

I remember
way back in the day
the MTA in NYC needed to demonstrate
movements towards efficiency and improvements
in bus services.
A change
So they changed all of the route numbers
The Bx 15 became the Bx 28
and the 17 became the 26
still ran the same route
kept the same schedule
but it was
A Change

It's been a little over two years
Since the word was made illegal in some places
and so many have battled against it
Replacing it with a reference
Yes the word is gone,

What do I mean?
Check this scene:

Yo, Whassup, my N-word?
Check this out
The other day I went to pay for something with my credit card
and the woman at the  counter asked me for ID
But check this
The three white folks ahead of me used credit cards
and showed her
I asked for the manager
I guess that made me an
Uppity N-word
or maybe just another
N-word With an Attitude
One cop says to the other,
Hey, get a load of those N-words on the corner
An elderly man on the phone in the suburbs
saw some N-words driving through his neighborhood really slow

Or what about my man
made 400 grand in one month
went out and bought a Navigator
Which is just and expedition with a Cadillac emblem
costing and extra 40-grand
but I guess things like that don't matter
when you're N-word rich
 Speaking of which
An eastern Native American tribe got Federal Recognition
As they celebrated
a few of the most jubulent
chanted loudly
At Last! We’re Not N-words!!!
Can you borrow a dollar?
N-word please!
I need a new TV
The wire keep coming loose
and I had to N-word rig the plugs
What do you call a Black man with a PhD
Dr N-word, of course!
I know this cat
he’s passing for white
but you know how we can tell
He definitely has an N-word in the wood pile
I know this cat who bought a house in the suburbs
he came home one day and found
N-word Move Out!!!
Spray painted all across his house
House N-words
Field N-words
N-words of the world unite
But you know that won't happen
'cause that's how N-words are
The only time they can get together
it's to party
an even then
a fight usually breaks out
'cause that's how N-words are.
we have a new term
now when do we get rid of the
let's erase it from history
and literature of the past
make this an N-word free world
Then what?
would we have an N-word-word???
Oh, here I go again
on another one of my N-word rants
Well you know how us N-word poets can get
you know
this is much better
Well, I guess I’ll talk to you N-words later

COPYRIGHT 2010, Mwalim (MJ Peters)