The Egg & I

Brown Eggs, are local eggs
and local eggs are Fresh

I came home last night,
and found that somebody left a gift at my front door.
It was a brown egg
left with care on a bag,
between the screen door and front door.
My son and I stepped over it and went in the house

Interesting thing,
In about six different traditions of 'magic'
Some of African origins, other of European
This is considered a love/ binding spell
Why not just show up in the morning
and offer to make me breakfast?

How pathetic are you,
when you have to resort to such spells?
More over, why do you think it would work on me?

No worries,
It didn't go to waste.
I served it to Eshu in the proper manner
So don't be too surprised
when he comes to thank you himself
Something about Karma and Tricksters:
Things may not end up how you wanted them
but things will be right