Daphunkeeprofessor's Break's Down "Reasons"

Okay, let's face it: "Reasons" as performed by Earth, Wind & Fire is easily the greatest one-night-stand song ever written. PERIOD! It is also some of the smoothest player 'ish' to ever be recorded. Notorious B.I.G., Big Daddy Kane and any number of old and new school players can take a lesson from this tune in how to close the deal and finesse then enact the dismissal with grace. Let's take a look at it verse by verse.

"Reasons" by Maurice White, Charles Stepney & Philip Bailey

"Now, I’m craving your body,Is this real Temperatures rising, I don’t want to feel I’m in the wrong place to be real Woahh and I’m; longing to love you Just for a night, Kissing and hugging and holding you tight Please let me love you With all my might."

CHORUS: Reasons, the reasons that we're here,The reasons that we fear, Our feelings won’t disappea

Translation: The heat of the moment is making me act out of character, but there is such a strong bond between us that it's okay to go with the feeling... Like I said, this is some smooth player shit for real.

"And- after the love game has been played, All our illusions were just a parade, And all the reasons start to fade. And, in the morning when I rise, No longer feeling hypnotized For no reasons, our reasons, our reasons Have no pri-ii-de"

Translation: Now that I've nutted, I can see more clearly... I'll call you a cab... care for a bowl of cereal while we wait for it to arrive?


Translation: I think I'll go for round two while we wait for your cab... of course she lets him, thinking that he's really just sensitive and misunderstood.

"Can't find the reasons, That my love won’t disappear Can’t find the reasons Why I love you ,my baby, my dear Can’t find the reasons Wanna love you all night Can’t find the reasons Gotta squeeze ya, real tightCan’t find the reasons Baby- yeah,For my tears Can’t find the reasons Why I love ya....(fade to black)"

Translation: Of course I'll call you... soon... in a while... next week...

My final bit of evidence of this as the ultimate player record: Check the suits on the album cover.