LOREMusicGroup.com launches Taste-Maker's Portal

NEW BEDFORD, MA - LOREMusicGroup.com launches it's taste-makers portal this month and is inviting all soul, jazz, dance music, and spoken-word artists and recording companies/ labels located and/or who regularly perform in the New England region (Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) to get a FREE page on the sites directory. LOREMusicGroup.com is also seeking new releases and cotent for the news and reviews section of the site. E-mail LOREMusicGroup@gmail.com for more details.

LORE Music Group (LMG) is a taste-maker's portal with the goal of helping Greater New England Region Soul, Funk, Jazz and Spoken-word artists, producers, record labels, promoters, radio shows, and small recording labels promote themselves and their music in the new Digital Era.  This portal was created to serve this goal by giving these people a cost effective way to promote and share their music with the world.

LMG was created in 2010 as a part of a creative economy and technology project, funded in part through grants from the University of Massachusetts President’s Science and Technology Initiatives Fund and the President’s Creative Economy Initiatives Fund.

LMG was created by Mwalim (M.J. Peters), a tenure English professor as an economic development model that combines artistic and cultural programs with a component exploring Internet-based promotion and sales of sound recordings. The objective of the program, according to UMass, is to expand the opportunities for Greater New England regional soul, funk, jazz and spoken-word artists to increase their Internet-based presence, promotion and exposure.

For More Information, Contact:
LOREMusic Group@gmail.com