A Requiem To A Failed Muse

A muse...
You inspired a notion or two
a yearning to depart from this, your space
like a car that made a wrong turn down a cul-de-sac
while touring the wrong part of town
not exactly lost
or unfamaliar
Just some place you know you don’t belong
Inspiration of a notion
But please
Do not
under any circumstances
call yourself my muse
To inspire a reflective notion
a judgement of my own circumstances and the role you play
to remove you like a cancer
that must be extracted before it destroys the rest of me
your careless dance through life
and self-dillusional innocence
and self-described free spirited ways of your inner problem child
only mask your cause and effect in your own misery, isolation and lonliness
or cause the destruction of those around you
your impact only destroys
and the nothinglness left in your rearview mirror
you claim as a creation
Ahhh, those grapes were probably sour you murmur each time
hoping no one will remember how sweet they were
before the touch of your unwashed hands destroyed them
The way you have destroyed a new generation
simply by giving them life and an unrealistic understanding
of how to interact with the world around them
Congratulate yourself as no one can destroy their future as you already have
setting yourself free with x-rated images in ciber-space
a pathetic attemtp to gain the attention of those
whose attention you can not hold
beyond the time it takes to shake ones head
things you were told not to place on the bargain basement shelves
went right past Sax Fith Avenue
to the second hand thrift shop
as your off-spring sleep on old matresses and watch a third-hand tv
all marked to be thrown away
as you proclaim doing your best
so do it
and make it happen
better then you have been
and take responsibility for your situation as you’ve allowed it to design yourself
as you let your child run wild
and doors close in his face at each turn
on the shoulders of others and the kindness of strangers
a kindness that disappears as they discover who you are
so no, you are not my muse
you were an interuption
and a distraction
and a lesson
and a wrong turn
and the flood-gate of words and phrases inspired by your departure
and the empty space you left quickly fills itself with life
a life that you refused to allow to live
so the extent of your contribution to my creativity resides in these few lines
Enjoy your time
And stop trying to say its the words and influences of others
that made me see you for who and what you are
you have made yourself insignificant in my world
and you have inspired me
to want more
then a flash in the pan

COPYRIGHT 2011 - MJ Peters
All Rights Reserved