A Clear Choice for Progress on the New Bedford School Committee... Erik Andrade

NEW BEDFORD - October 4, 2011is an important day in New Bedford. Not because of the hotly contested mayoral contest, but because of the school committee elections. For the first time in a long time, a true community organizer with a clear understanding of the city's issues and a clear vision of what the socially and economically marginalized families and youth of the city need.

Erik Andrade is a long-time voice in the grassroots efforts within the city, looking to improve conditions of the economically disadvantaged and socially disenfranchised. His work through Treatment on Demand and YouthBuild have been consistent and sincere; his understanding of the needs of a school system that is actually there to serve the youth and families of the community, beyond the political posturing is clearly beyond that of his competition.

I look at the candidates and listen to what they say and realize that this typical buffet for the cynical voter looking for the lesser of the evils; there is now someone who is a breath of fresh air, aside from the usual players of small city politics, modern day, carpet- bagger opportunists and Narcissists I finally see a candidate that is deserving of a shot.

As an educator, I have been continually disappointed by the school committee and it's tireless demonstration of how out of touch it's members are with the needs of their constituency. 

I rarely endorse candidates, but in this case: New Bedford voters, the time is now and the candidate to vote for Erik Andrade, New Bedford School Committee on October 4th.