The Hater and The Player

"Yo, bruh. On the real" he said, in front of the store
"I'm seeing you're name all over the place
and folks are bumping your music
and talking about your shows
That's cool and everything
but you ain't really made it.
If you really made it,
I'd be seeing you on MTV and what not.
You ain't no real player yet, man."

I smiled
"Well..." I said, "that might be true.
But look at it this way:
folks buy my CDs, means money I'm making;
folks download my music and ringtones, means money I'm making;
folks coming to my shows, means money I'm making.
Being on MTV and what not, means money I'm spending.
So when it comes down to it,
my bills are paid. So, who's the real player?"

COPYRIGHT 2011, MJ Peters