Fragments of Complete Meditations

The elder keepers of Black traditions have not disappeared,
nor has the protocol.
What has been lost by many,
is an understanding how to access them.
Post cards to come
from the new realm...

Planting seeds in the winter...
building ships in bottles...
playing a 6/8 bass-line against a 4/4 beat...
it's all about timing...

Sometimes your light is too bright for the fakers of the world.
They've been so busy impressing cave dwellers with their matches,
that they don't know how to deal with the sun;
and too ignorant to know that they can't extinguish it.

so is this the part in the movie
where the Mau-Mau kidnap Herman Cain
and make him do the 'dance of death' on a web-cam

The choices you make will shape who you become.
The places we end up as opposed to where you're from.
Now if you make changes to your karma, you can re-write the divine drama...
see I was always glad to be one who had a dad,
now I'm the kind of dad I always wished I had.

Why is it that when I see people mourning the closing of JIVE Records,
it makes me think of slaves standing around Massa's death-bed crying?

COPYRIGHT 2011- MJ Peters