The Numbers Game

My clock went off at 8:01
I slept for another ten minutes
which turned into 55
kinda like one birthday your twenty five
and the next
your 30
I walked into the fist church
on the fourth Sunday
it was my third time there
behind the 88 keys
but all the songs only used five of them
"Numerology is the tool of the devil!"
Declared the preacher, to his mostly approving congregation
He said it three times, then directed us to open our bibles to the book of numbers
33 books in the old
33 books in the new
33 degrees in the Scottish Rite
331/3 make a third of a circle
like 120 degrees in a circle
or 120 lessons...
Lemme take four steps back
See it happened about 21 years ago
when I told Jesus it would be alright if he changed my name
So he started calling me "Mwalim", handed me a prayer rug
pointed east and told me there were 72 paths to the end of the story
Along the way I met a brother
on the corner of 5th and 12th
who offered me a twenty bag
and some photocopies of 120 lessons
which were also summarized by a Queen who divided herself into seven
and in the end found god in herself
and she loved her
five senses, five fingers, five pillars
seven sins
seven virtues
seven days
Seven senses (for those who think)
I thought these things always come in threes
12 moons
12 hours, twice
12 steps towards knowledge
12 disciples
12 tribes
12 students is the ideal classroom size
12 bars to the blues
12 tones to a chromatic scale
the sun hangs in the middle
this happened before
at least once
Aussar got cut into 14 pieces
at least, that's what his wife found
7 is the age of reason
28 is when you become reasonable
don't trust anybody over 30
until they turned 50
I knew this 52 year old guy who was talking to a 21 year old woman
we told him he was too old
he replied that is she's over 18, she can be under him
He met her five years earlier
and he would have gotten ten years
for what he had in mind
I've told that story at least 100 times
in the last six months
to be continued
in 24 hours


So now that I've taken five
for several hours
Lemme count back about twelve years
back to the street corner
with the brother who gave me the photocopies lessons
it was 120 lessons
and some actual facts
and some solar facts
120 lessons
taken from 155 problems
move forward by about 14 years
and it was my turn to give him some questions
traveling east
same light
new way of looking at it
ahhh, I've told this story at least 100 times
7 days
7 African Powers
even though there are really sixteen
which still comes to seven
but I'm getting ahead of myself
like the time I met the man with the limp
sitting on the three legged stool
rolling two dice
trying to avoid a seven
120 lessons
120 beats
House music all night long
musical symmetry
lowest tone on the bass
is an E
at 42HZ
Count 'em in Bobby
1,2,3,4 hit me
Stay tuned
more to come