Consider the Power of Thought

Consider the power of thought
Consider the inspiration that thought gives to action
or consider the tragic effects of a thought fleeting
A thought that only remains a thought
that could have changed the world
but is quickly replaced
by a less profound thought
A thought that would have been amazing and beautiful as an action
But got killed off by a distraction or a desire
left to fall into oblivion
Perhaps it waited there
and grew in strength
as it plotted
and waited for the chance to re- appear
disguised as a new thought
one that took over your body, mind and soul
compelled you to act on it
Leading you to greatness
or not
or your own demise
where the though has reaped it's revenge
and laughs at you as you lay on the ground
in pain or dying
all because you ignored a thought
Consider the power of thought

COPYRIGHT 2012 MJ Peters