A Message To A Poet Warrior

It had been a while since we talked
I didn't get to say goodbye
the right way
But you know...

Poet Warrior
What's in those scrolls on your back?
What do you carry? Son, Father, Boy, Man, Grandfather, Writer, Friend, Visionary, Time traveler, slayer of evil, storyteller, con man, prophet, teacher, healer, actor, director, singer, producer...
Poet Warrior...

I can't bring myself to call this a memorial
or a eulogy
Because that would mean you're not here.
I know you are, I can close my eyes and feel your presence
 Like the first time I met you,
In the Bronx, at The Point.
From there on, you have been my brother.
To Rush Gallery, To The Nuyorican, To Bar 13, To Cafe Largo, To The Brooklyn Moon,  To Libraries in Yonkers, To Basement Recording Studios on Westchester Ave,
To the look of pride and love on your face when you first held my newborn son,
I know you look out for us all from where you are.

No, this Ain't No Eulogy,
Just like That wasn't No Pocket Diary
To making plans,
To making movies,
To making Moves
You could rally us all and lead the charge up the hill
Showing us that the windmills really were dragons
Lead the charge Poet Warrior
I'm right there with you
Until I'm with you

To Raul Maldonado