A Message to the "Promoters" Out There...

Please stop calling yourself a promoter if:
1) It sounds better than admitting that you're unemployed.
2) You fail to protect your clients from being undercut by others.
3) You're too busy kissing the ass of folks who you think are big in the industry to see your own opportunities.
4) Your spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are atrocious.
5) You're working from a cell phone and your kid's laptop.
6) The last big thing you did was in the 1990s.
7) The people you brag about working with regard you with pity or pretend not to know who you are.
8) When the lies you tell are easy to prove as false.
9) When you have to tells your lies in other circles, forgetting that all circles are concentric. 
10) When disassociating with you brings new opportunities.
11) When you spend most of your energy covering your tracks as opposed to promoting product.

See my "Artists Guide To Dealing With/ Selecting Promoters" blog coming soon.