On Becoming An Empire

Each day time that we look to uphold a tradition
We actually create a new one in our consciousness Reaching
Trying to pass it to the next generation
As they look at us at times with blank stares
Not sure why, but follow what we say.
Words of wisdom can only be seen as such when heard through the ears of experience
Knowing Where we've been
Knowing enough to pay attention on the second trip through

 In business as in life,
You will learn that the pen is not only mightier than the sword
but can move more than the shovel
For words put in writing means
Word is Bond
In dealing with others,
you'll rather those who require a pen over those who's words require a shovel.
For those who's words require shovels
build castles in the sky wondering why no one will move into them

Pick your team with more care,
than you pick your friends
But never pick a teammate who's not a friend
Those who bear shovels are there to dig holes
that are to be filled with cement below the frost line
Pay them what you owe them and move on

Be ready to celebrate with your team
In success,
it's not so much about remembering who was there when you started
as much as celebrating with those who stuck by you until your ship came in
and saw the house complete

COPYRIGHT 2012, MJ Peters