To The Princess

This goes out to the Princess:
The one who considers herself a vegetarian,
because she only eats caviar.
The one who who considers herself generous,
because she always gives her opinion.
The one who considers herself interesting
and likes to conversate.
Tho one who considers herself
in charge
but takes responsibility for nothing
because she is the princess.
This goes out to the Princess:
Who is of the royal line,
and checked the flow of history
to see
that all great Queens were once princess
and became queen
by earning her thrown
not just by lineage
but who understood that a real ruler
know that a balanced house
a balanced Queendom
is one where the subject dwell in peace
not just by her rule and word
But this one
is for the Princess
who may never become
A Queen

COPYRIGHT 2012 MJ Peters. All Rights Reserved