POEM: A Short Message To A Casualty of the Struggle

To start off on a positive note, thank you for helping to make the terms"Movement" and "revolution" listless buzz words to add to the list with "righteous" and "saved". Not all of your critics are the enemy, just as not all praise is from friends. A narcissist with an attitude does not a leader make. Whether or not the revolution is televised is irrelevant compared to the fact that you've turned it into a coon show.

 Reality check of the here and now: If you're in the same place, saying the same things that you were saying ten years ago; know that there is nothing revolutionary or progressive about being stagnant. You should know the difference between a martyr and an anvil; the same way you need to know the difference between fertilizer and sitting in your own shit. Otherwise, delusion will cause you to see yourself as a mentor, when you're really more of a cautionary tale.