End of the World Post-poned Due to Rain

It's Official: The Mayan's saw their shadows, so the end of the world isn't coming today... oh, wait, I think I have my superstitions mixed up...
Okay, I really have to address Euro-centric arrogance as it relates to the Mayan calendar. I love how folks like to say that the Mayan calendar is off, and the shifts to the Gregorian Calendar. Check this out: The Byzantine/Gregorian Calendar updated the so-called Western calendar, recognizing that the earth takes 365.2425 days to complete a trip around the sun. The Mayan estimated 365.2420 days which is actually more accurate (Current solar calendar is measured at 365.2422). 
For those completely not up on your math, leap year factor actually leaves a .0012 - .0020 lag, which leaves us with two conclusions: 1) The date 12-21-12 as the estimated end date is based on modern calculations of the calendar and is thus accurate, and 2) the calendar calendar system would have to reset itself after 5,125 solar years, as that is the point when the earth would reach the exact same spot it was at on what would have been Aug 13 in 3113 BC(E). Next class, we'll discuss how metaphor is the language of the ancients (and the presents), as the obtuse fade into oblivion.