Dating Tips for [Recovering] Dummies

I've been reading a lot of articles and posts on Facebook about love, dating and relationships. Finding the right mate, the appropriate mate, and appreciating your mate seem to be the central messages. When learning what to look for and what to avoid, you might want to add these life lessons to your list. This applies to men and women.

Dating Tip #1: Avoid dating bottom feeders. They have been rooting in the muck and mud so long that they can no longer tell or appreciate the difference between lobster and shit.

Dating Tip #2: Where there is no trust there is no love. If they are incapable of trust, they are incapable of love. The suspicious heart is a mansion for abuse.

Dating Tip #3: If they keep telling you how generous they are with people, yet haven't even ever picked up the tab for coffee at Cumberland Farms (99 cents) ... run! 

Dating Tip #4: Communication and maturity are the key virtues. If they talk about things with you, and you don't find yourself learning about your relationship issues from friends (or on facebook) you're off to a good start. Passive- Aggressive people are lonely for a reason.

Dating Tip #5: Misery loves company. If they are not already happy, there is nothing you can do to make them happy. You are not part of the solution and you will only become part of the problem (as they see it).

Dating Tip #6: If issues with their ex determines how they act or interact with you; they are irresponsible cowards and lack the cognitive ability or accountability to resolve it. Best to move on.

Dating Tip #7: When someone orders a side dish as a main course, they'll usually need other side dishes to round out the meal. This is also true with dating and relationships. Think about it...