Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Voting In Boston... Flu Shots...

In Boston, Sept 24, 2013, the 17% have spoken and made Walsh or Connolly the next Mayor of Boston.... or should I say the 83% have made Walsh or Connolly the next Mayor of Boston. Of course, that 17% is a city-wide count. When you consider that several of the candidates were people of color and it's estimated that 12% of the Black and Latino population voted, this is disgraceful on several levels. Good luck to Mr. Connolly.

It's flu-shot season! Once again, the masses are urged to go get their shots. The last time I followed the herd to get my shot, a week later I had the worst attack of the flu that I'd ever experienced. I haven't had the vaccine or the flu since. Thank you echinacea, golden seal, and vitamin C!!!!

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