You know you're the child of a Cape Cod fisherman if:

1) Before you even learned to drive, you could give driving directions to anyplace on the peninsula using package stores as landmarks.
2) If you ever had Slim Jims, Pork Rinds, or those little bags of spicy peanuts as an afternoon snack.
3) You go to a restaurant that serves calamari and you relate to it as bait.
4) You learned to count by sixes and twelves by figuring out the tide schedule for the week.
5) You're amazed the a plunger can also be used to unclog a toilet, as opposed to their intended use: pulling up clams, quahogs and  oysters from under the mud.
6) You instinctively inspect the contents of a Chinese food container in the fridge to make sure it isn't night crawlers.
7) You smell beer every time you see freshly caught fish or shell fish.
8) You can open a bottle cap with a clam rake prong.