The Bush Brothers... Sometimes, You Should Let It Go...

It's pretty obvious to everybody who's been keeping up with the Presidential Candidate debates that the GOP debates have gone from funny to pathetic. Bush, Carson, Cruz, Trump and Rubio duking it out like spoiled little kids in a playground. To his credit, Trump, a New Yorker, is pretty good at slinging insults and was probably a bully in the Central Park playground as a little one. His nanny probably spent most of his play time being complained to by crying children and irate parents. Perhaps his tenure of hanging with media mogul, Russell Simmons probably gave hims some exposure to dissing and the dozens.

On the other hand, you have Jeb Bush. I guess when you're the son of an ex CIA spook, you don't have to handle many of your battles on your own. Let us also look at his departure from reality. As Jeb lauds the efforts of his brother to make America peaceful, he seemed to completely forget about 9/11, The Patriot Act and the spiked rise of brutal attacks against American people of color by self proclaimed "conservatives" all took place during GW's tenure.

To be honest, Jeb and GW remind me of a sinister, less refined, less intellectual version of the characters Niles and Frazier Krane. Jeb is probably the kid who got wedgies a lot as well as milk dumped on him in the lunchroom. After Trump verbally beat up on Jeb, GW stepped in to defend his brother and, as the newscasters on Fox reported, "FIRED" back at Trumps comments, "... there seems to be a lot of name calling going on... my father used to say, 'labels are for soup cans!"... Wow... that's the best you have? Shame on FOX for even posting this pathetic response. He should have added, "and thanks to Andy Warhol, soup cans are art!" This now replaces GWs response to the keen observation of his intellectual peer, Kanye West that, "Bush doesn't care about Black people." If you recall, Bush's response was to hug a Black person when the tv cameras started rolling.

In true, modern GOP fashion, the inclusion of a Black candidate is supposed to provide comic relief for the primaries. Unlike Caine, Carson proved to be a major disappointment by not singing an old negro spiritual for the people at the debate. But Carson's apparent psychological and self-esteem issues have run their course leaving only the natural comedy of the other candidates; and as you can see there is material for days. The writers for SNL and late night television haven't had to reach very far, nor engage in much hyperbole to mock the self-parodying behavior of the GOP.

Returning to the playground analogy, here's what just happened. Think back to your own days in the playground. One day, a bully comes into the playground and proceeds to pick on one of the weak, dorky kids while being cheered on by the other kids, or avoided by the ones who are afraid of being the next target. Along comes the mentally challenged brother of the dork, steps in to defend his sibling and ends up making things worse. Of course after the video of Jeb Bush begging for applause went viral, we can see that dignity is not a priority. I guess this makes Jeb the Paris Hilton of the family.