A Cell Phone That Looks Like A Gun = New Alibi For Witness Killings By Police

On February 4, 1999, Amado Diallo was gunned down by 4 New York City police officers while unlocking his front door. An innocent man who was simply home from a day of street vending, all he had in his hands were his keys; and one of the officers claimed that they thought he had one of those "new wallet guns." Of course, interestingly enough no such thing existed at that time.

Now, fast forward to the present where the invention of a gun that looks like a cell phone takes place. Isn't it an interesting idea, especially on the heels of so many people using filming the police in the act of brutalizing and killing private citizens of color or to record their own interactions with the police; that a cell phone looking gun is created. 

Call it paranoia but this gadget is added justification for law enforcement to gun down people for using a cell phone to observe and record police activity by saying that they thought it was a gun. Now they won't have to go to the trouble of planting evidence on folks to arrest them, like they did to Ramsey Orta for filming the choking murder of Eric Garner by NYPD. Now when this happens they can shoot the person on sight and claim that they thought they had one of those new guns that looks like a cell phone.

As American History buffs may note, gun control laws were first introduced to prevent Black people in Georgia and Mississippi from protecting themselves from attacks by the KKK. Now we have an invention provides an alibi that interferes with people's constitutional right to observe the police carrying out their duties from a safe distance (10 -15 feet). Now the police can take out any and all witnesses.