Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Short List of Books on First Nations (Native American) Social, Political and Economic Experiences

At the National Day of Action event at UMass Dartmouth, I was asked for a book list on Native History and socio-political issues. It was a good idea and since the request started this list. These are a few items on my book shelf and by no means a complete list, but a good start. 

If folks have books to add, please hit me up on the contact page with title and author.

  • Handbook of North American Indians, by Bruce G. Trigger (ed.)
  • Reinterpreting New England Indians and the Colonial Experience, by Neal Salisbury and Colin G. Calloway (eds)
  • Manitou and Providence, by Neal Salisbury
  • A Journal of the Pilgrims at Plymouth: Mourt’s Relation, by Dwight B Heath
  • Early American Women: A Documentary History, 1600–1900, by N Woloch
  • Mashpee Indians, by Jack Campisi
  • Clambake: A Wampanoag Traditionby Russell Peters and John Madama
  • History of King Philip, Sovereign Chief of the Wampanoags: Including the Early History of the Settlers of New England, by John S. C. Abbott
  • Talking With The Elders of Mashpee: Memories of Earl H. Mills, Sr., by Earl Mills, Sr.
  • Faith and Boundaries: Colonists, Christianity, and Community among the Wampanoag Indians of Martha's Vineyard, 1600-1871, by David SilvermanKing Philip's War: Colonial Expansion, Native Resistance, and the End of Indian Sovereignty, by Daniel R. Mandell
  • Mashpee Nine: A Story of Cultural Justice, by Paula Peters
  • The Long Island Indians and their New England Ancestors: Narragansett, Mohegan, Pequot & Wampanoag Tribes, by Donna Barron
  • A Mixed Medicine Bag: Original Black Wampanoag Folklore, by Mwalim
  • Captain Paul Cuffe’s Logs and Letters, by Rosalind Cobb Wiggins (ed)
  • Paul Cuffe: A Study of His Life and the Status of His Legacy in Old Dartmouth, by Brock N. Cordeiro
  • The Red King's Rebellion, by Russel Bourne
  • Black Indians, by William L Katz
  • American Indian Politics and the American Political System, by David Wilkins &  Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark
  • The Other Slavery: The Uncovered Story of Indian Enslavement in America, by  Andrés Reséndez
  • American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America, Colin Woodard
  • Indian Blues: American Indians and the Politics of Music, 1879–1934 , by John Troutman
  • The New Trail of Tears: How Washington Is Destroying American Indians, by Naomi Schaefer Riley
  • Native American Testimony: A Chronicle of Indian-White Relations from Prophecy to the Present, 1492-2000, by Peter Nabokov
  • Through an Indian's Looking-Glass: A Cultural Biography of William Apess, Pequot, by  Drew Lopenzina


Laurie Markoff said...

Dear Mr. Peters,
I was at the gathering at UMASS Dartmouth. I remembered that someone had asked for a reading list and today I remembered to look for it. Thank you so much for taking the time to post this list. I promise that I will read at least some of these books. I also heard the rest of what was shared, and I plan to learn much more about local environmental justice issues that are continuing, and to find some way to work with the support the local Native people in addressing those issues. I just wanted you to know that what you did had an impact.
Thanks again,
Laurie Markoff, Ph.D.
Holliston, MA

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