The Cedarville Sound: Creating History At the Johnny Drama Funk Lab & Area Twenty-Two

Melo, Bob, Johnny and Eddie Ray at the Funk Lab.
Today was one of those days that a lot of musicians and songwriters only get to dream about. Today, on April 13, 2017, The GroovaLottos got to record three live singles at the Johnny Drama Funk Lab, owned by none other than THE Johnny Drama of "Wahlburger's".

Mwalim with his official Johnny Drama T-shirt!
When Bob and Chuck are at the boards, it's magic!
Recording in this facility was total synergy for the retro-groove style that the band has been cultivating. The "Ask Yo' Mama" CD totally revisits of the sounds of the late 1960's and early 1970's, from the most spirited Muscle Shoals soul, to the rawest New York funk in it's raw form. Today at Johnny Drama's the band took it to the Memphis Stax and Detroit Motown era and formula of live recording and mixing. 

This kind of recording is the true test of the value of a band. Can they bring it live? The results of this Recording session are going to be special bonus tracks available exclusively to fans and friends of The GroovaLottos.

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When Legends Meet!