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Mwalim (Morgan James Peters, MS, MFA) a.k.a., ‘DaPhunkee Professor’ is an internationally recognized educator, performing artist, writer and Black Arts Scholar, A quasar in the field of Black Aesthetics scholarship, ethnic studies and contemporary Black and Native American performance traditions; he is a tenured professor of English and the former Director of Black Studies at UMass Dartmouth, he performs and lectures throughout the USA and Canada. A ‘teacher‘s teacher’, Mwalim is a former 
literacy, performing arts and curriculum development consultant, working with middle and high schools throughout New England, New York and Pennsylvania. A Mashpee Wampanoag, Mwalim is a founding member of his tribe’s Educational Department; is a trained Parent’s Advocate in Special Education was appointed to the advisory board for Special Education of the Bureau of Indian Education  by the Secretary of the Interior in 2011.

As a tenured professor Mwalim teaches courses in creative writing, literary and cinema studies, media production, as well as directing the Black Studies program Afro-centric scholarship methodology, Black folklore and aesthetics, as well as Hip-hop. Nicknamed “DaPhunkeeProfessor” by a former student, Mwalim is considered -internationally- by critics and peers alike to be one of the contemporary masters of the oral tradition. He is also one of the only living authorities on the ‘ahaneenun’ (sacred clown) tradition of the Wampanoag people.


Mwalim *7) Is Available For: 
  • Workshops & Lectures
  • Presentations on Black aesthetics, arts and culture and Black studies.
  • Presentations on Community Development and Education
  •  Professional panels
  • Motivational and Informational speaking engagements
  • Professional development and multicultural and alternative curriculum development consultations.
  • Presentations of original theatrical works (in collaboration with New African Company). 
Mwalim has taught, mentored, presented and performed in schools, churches, festivals, powwows, colleges, churches, jails, museums, libraries, stadiums, community centers and conferences. He is a past consultant for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian as well as the Bureau of Indian Affairs Social and Economic Development funding program. He is the author of one book, A Mixed Medicine Bag: Original Black Wampanoag Folklore (Talking Drum, 2007), and a contributing writer to numerous edited volumes, journals and anthologies.

An Educator’s Educator

A champion of educational reform for Black and Native American students; Mwalim is a founding member of his tribe’s (Mashpee Wampanoag) Educational Department and was appointed to the advisory board for Special Education of the Bureau of Indian education by the secretary of the interior in 2011. He is a multi-award-winning musical, theater and digital media artist. He is a specialist in the New African Method ®, using improvisational theater as an educational tool to enhance reading, writing, critical thinking, and social, interpersonal communication skills; developed by educators, artists and mental health professionals affiliated with New African Company. Mwalim has a BA in Music and MS in Film from Boston U and an MFA from Goddard College.

Mwalim *7) is available for Workshops, Professional panels, performances, Motivational and Informational speaking engagements, Lectures, Professional development and multicultural and alternative curriculum development consultations.

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