Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor

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Telling The Story…

Imagine a world without storytelling. How would people communicate? How would we pass on information to future generations? Storytelling is a central element to human existence. Our history, philosophy, lore, and experiences are the basic subjects from which we draw stories; taking the form of oral traditions, songs, jokes, plays, articles, books, conversations, movies, speeches, sermons, and skits. A master storyteller understands the intrinsic elements of spinning a tale and can apply them to any medium.

Considered by critics and peers alike to be one of the contemporary masters of the oral tradition, Mwalim “DaPhunkee Professor” (Morgan James Peters) is a multi-award-winning performer, writer, and educator who’s works span the mediums of spoken-word, literature, music, theater, and film.

A captivating speaker and educator, Mwalim is a show-stopping, favorite keynote presenter at festivals, and conferences; and a dynamic and engaging lecturer for Workshops & Presentations.

Roots Of A Storyteller…

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Coming from long family lines of West Indian/Bajan (Barbados) and Mashpee Wampanoag oral traditionalists, it was of little surprise that Mwalim would tell stories to his classmates in nursery school and kindergarten, or that he began winning awards for storytelling in the 7th grade, and city-wide short-story contests in high school. While in college, he began his career as a storyteller and spoken-word artist; interweaving storytelling with a life long love of music as a violist, pianist, percussionist, and singer. Playing Carnegie Hall before the age of 14 and -at 16- becoming one of the youngest session players in EMI history, Mwalim’s story is a rich and multi-dimensional one. After completing his MS in Film Boston University he studied theater arts education and playwriting at New African Company in Boston. His plays began getting productions in Boston and after a reading at the 1999 National Black Theatre Festival, his plays and performances pieces began receiving productions throughout the USA and Canada as well as the UK and Caribbean.


For over 30 years as a performer, teaching artist and curriculum development consultant, Mwalim has taught theater and language arts as well as music for private and public schools, community programs, arts academies, colleges, and conferences throughout the United States and Canada. His stages and classrooms have included theaters, arenas, nightclubs, schools, libraries, museums, community centers, festivals, street corners, powwows, colleges, temples, jails, and churches. Mwalim is a recipient of numerous awards, fellowships and grants for theater, music, and media arts; including the Ira Aldridge Fellowship, New York Theatre Forum, Osborne Trust Fellowship, Yen Fellowship, and the Healey Grant, He has been the Playwright-In-Residence at New African Company in Boston since 2004. He is the keyboardist and resident songwriter for the 6-time Grammy nominated band The GroovaLottos. Mwalim is a tenured professor of English and the former Director of Black Studies at UMass Dartmouth, 

Mwalim is available for Workshops and Presentations. For Booking & Info, Contact HERE.