“Treating Hip-Hop As A Tradition”

Mwalim discusses the need for mentoring and intergeneration exchange within hip-hop as well as the need to recognize hip-hop as a tradition as opposed to commodity. DaPhunkeeProfessor-TV


“Respecting Locks & Personal Space”

If you ask to touch a person's hair, they might say "yes." If you just walk up and do it, any number of unfortunate things can happen. Inter-cultural understanding starts with mutual respect. DaPhunkeeProfessor-TV


“Understanding That Haters Are Cowards”

Mwalim breaks down the psyche of haters and how they are to be recognized as pathetic cowards and ignored as distractions. Subscribe here: DaPhunkeeProfessor-TV


"The Academy's Origins As A Temple & The ZYG Practices"

In this meditation, DaPhunkee Professor reflects on the origins of the academy in the temples of ancient Kemet and how they have been translated into modern school systems and colleges. We also get a glimpse of The Z.Y.G.

“The Irony of Being [ethno]centric on Facebook“

While having pride in your ethnographic-cultural heritage is normal and healthy, to claim superiority on a platform that your ethnographic-cultural group neither owns nor controls is delusional. DaPhunkeeProfessor-TV


"A Truth About Public Education"

In this episode, Mwalim discusses the history and purpose of public education in the United States, it's built-in pitfalls against rising socially and economically, and ways to navigate the system so that it works for you and your children.

"Black History Month Is Supposed to be a Launch Pad, Not a Destination"

Originating from the efforts of Carter G. Woodson, whose landmark dissertation ' The Mis-Education of the Negro' challenged the social structure of American education. DaPhunkeeProfessor-TV


"The Value in Studying Music"

Mwalim's discussion: Studying Music vs. Shooting-From-The-Hip with 'Natural Ability'. Studying music, be it from a teacher, mentor or self-taught has many advantages that go beyond learning to play an instrument or sing. Also selections from the Louis Apollon Band's performance at Great Woods.