POEM: Street Teaming , Impressions & A Dumb-Ass

Peace & Blessings Everybody,

I'd like to thank the punk-ass who keeps ripping that poster down;
We've replaced it 4 times already.
You see, each time you rip it down and we hang it back up
That's another 400+ people seeing it.
It's called "impressions."
We hang it
A bunch of people see it
it becomes part of the scenery
You rip it down
We wait a few days
and replace it.
Which means more people are seeing it, thinking it's a new post.
If you rip it down three more times,
You're helping us gain a full house!!!
7 Impressions make the sale!!!
Thank you!!!

Imagine, if you can a venue...
Say, 976 Main Street in Cotuit, MA
Now I want you to imagine a 25 mile radius from the front door of the venue;
use a map if you need to.
Now I wan you to imagine 1,000 flyers
Posted at various locations all over that 25 mile radius.
Drive around and tear them all down!
Our street team is anxious to replace them!
You'll also have to tear down the
Facebook posts
Instagram posts
Radio interviews
Even had it on the news...
It's been shot around twitter 3,000 times

Now I want you to think about the one poster,
hanging at the Country Store in Mashpee.
The one you see as you go to buy your scratch tickets
blunt wraps
and Fire Ball Whiskey nips
Whether you leave the poster alone
or you throw it away
That poster is kinda like you...
It really doesn't matter

Keep up the good work!
We know who you are and
We are very happy to give your life meaning

The GroovaLottos